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Lokomotif Proje

Lokomotif Proje is a sports services and consultancy company which has bussiness / solution partners in many countries including Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Macedonia.

The company has been working and bringing innovative solutions in order to meet the needs in the field for over 10 years.

Strengths of Our Company;

Having Access to International Resources

Having a direct and international access to a wide range of human resources and managerial, educational and strategical materials through various foundations, we have capacity to form associations with many professionals and agencies.

Creative and Innovative Solutions

By the use of our related experiences, engineering managament skills and modern methods we create new approaches in order to provide services with fast, practical, creative and innovative solutions fitting today's conditions.

Project Management Expertise

All planning, organizational, provisional and managerial operations are performed by professionals. Adiditonal assistance for special and large projects requiring extensive work load are supported by related experts of various fields.

Efficient Use of Resources

By the help of our project management expertise and our experiences on time, finance and human management issues for related projects, we work and use resources in the most efficient way.